This section presents a series of gallery images focusing on one subject at a time.  The subjects of our galleries will vary, and could be our selection of hotel suites, standout meeting and event venues, an architectural element or specific design feature, unique artistic interpretations of a spotlighted architect or designer, or the architectural highlights of a destination.

Our current gallery takes a look at one of our favorite features of a hotel’s lobby or other public space where making a design statement gets duly noticed – the grand staircase.  For this initial group (yes, there will be more to come,) we’ve focused on the contemporary design of the “monumental stair,” a term used by the profession to distinguish the open stair, free of walls and “exit” signs.

As with all our galleries, this is an ongoing process and an ever changing segment of our web site. We search for creative solutions and unique features across all aspects of conventional hospitality design (hotels, restaurants, clubs, etc), and we especially search across other building types for venues that offer selective services of hospitality.

[Image sources for this gallery are from the hotels represented]

We welcome suggestions and images for our gallery from visitors, hotels, regional tourist professionals, or anyone else who has an unique and good quality image they wish to share. If we elect to include it in our gallery you will be credited with that image. 

Look for our next Gallery subject, coming soon:  Spectacular, upcoming museums that clearly want your meeting and event business