Places to Meet

Great settings to convene, celebrate, or get down to business

An iconic meeting space designed by Santiago Calatrava


For as many reasons as there are to get together, there is a distinctly suited setting to enhance and elevate the experience. There is a world of architecture out there, from the historic to the ultra modern, both public and private, with and without accommodation. Most importantly, most of it can be hired for a meeting or special event.

If you are looking for an historic setting, the possibilities are endless: grand pillared lobbies, ornately decorated ballrooms and sky-lit rotundas in historic hotels, libraries and city halls,  richly decorated palaces and royal residences, all will graciously open their doors to you and your guests for your professional seminar or private affair.

In contrast there is the free form of expression found in contemporary architecture:  museums, performance halls, civic and cultural buildings, and other public spaces where people gather. These “people places” provide a unique backdrop for a conference or social reception to take the dynamic of the event in any direction. 

Whatever the specifics of your meeting, we will find the perfect match of purpose and place. We typically evaluate meeting spaces for size and usability, security and emergency systems, disabled access, and sustainable programs and operations. In addition we also provide travel arrangements for guests and attendees or we can work with corporate travel managers for a seamless transition from arrival to departure.


Image source: Milwaukee Museum of Art