Social Gatherings

“Celebrate:" to honor by ceremony of joy and respect, or by refraining from ordinary business to observe duly.

The Especially Beautiful Architecture of Antonio Gaudi's Casa Batlio

One never needs a reason to celebrate, and there will always be a need for face to face human interaction that lifts the spirit. The live event remains the original and most powerful form of social networking and simply cannot be replaced.

As new or renovated design projects are completed, there is a constant stream of new and exciting venue options, both in your neighborhood or where you choose to celebrate. The richness of detail found in historic or landmark buildings provides a grand setting for an important life or company event; whereas the simplicity and often blank palate of a contemporary building, with sweeping dramatic shapes and surfaces, can be transformed into a spectacular visual experience. The possibilities are limited only by the creative forces of the design team.

If you need an empty space of a specific size and style, we will find you your optimal “four walls and a ceiling.” If you want to see how it will work for the particulars of your event, we can provide design concepts and drawings, and a preliminary budget.

Our recommended places to celebrate are intended to represent a range of settings. The main thread that carries throughout is that the architectural setting makes a statement — your statement.



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Celebrate anything in the extraordinarily atmospheric Saloon and the heart of Highclere Castle

Highclere Castle

Long before the advent of television and film, great architecture was immortalized in images in books and other ...


Experience the immediate pleasure of entering the Art for the Americas Wing

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston – Art of the Americas Wing

The architectural legacy of Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts in Copely Square dates to 1876 when it opened its ...

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The all-encompassing magnificence of the landmark Morgan Library

Morgan Library & Museum

The Morgan Library & Museum in New York was originally the Manhattan residence of financier Pierpont Morgan. Pierpont was ...


Screen shot 2010-03-26 at 1.55.59 PM

The Brooklyn Museum

One of New York City’s great historical monuments, the Brooklyn Museum, was originally a library and one of ...


The Dramatic Domed Preston Bradely Hall at the Chicago Cultural Center

Chicago Cultural Center

Classical architecture can never be too rich or too big. Especially if it is a public library. We see ...


A reception in the Sala Terrana at Upper Belvedere Palace needs no embellishment

Belvedere Palace

What could be better than to construct not one but two magnificent palaces on the same site? That ...


Baccarat House - Crystal Room Restaurant

Baccarat House

Baccarat has been producing fine crystal in France’s Lorraine region since 1816.  Perhaps a lesser known fact is ...


The uniquely elegant Julia Morgan Ballroom will enhance your celebration of love

The Merchants Exchange Building

The Merchants Exchange Building, now over 100 years, remains one of San Francisco’s most sought-after venues for meetings ...


Jewish Museum - Old Courtyard Building

Jewish Museum Berlin

Since its completion in 2001, the “New Building” at The Jewish Museum Berlin has attracted much attention. It ...


A touch of Versailles comes to Newport in the French-inspired Marble House

Marble House

Newport, Rhode Island, was a seaside town widely known as a seasonal resort destination. Leading up to the ...


Casa Batlio - Room Jujol reception setup

Casa Batlio

There is just no substitute for the artistry of Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí. Anyone who visits Barcelona cannot help but ...