Places to Stay

Let us find your ideal architectural match, if only for a night.

The TWA Hotel at JFK Airport has opened as an unbridled celebration of aviation and the architecture that expresses it.


Whether traveling for business or leisure, whether alone or as a social or corporate group, where you spend the night matters.  And if you can only spend one night in an accommodation, it should be a unique and memorable destination.

We search continuously for properties that have character derived from how they are physically sited, how their exterior features are accentuated, and how they “invite” you inside.  Whether historic or new, we delight in how the interior spaces are interpreted and transformed by the hoteliers and their design teams.  Above all we look for soul and pride of place: as reflected in the setting and by the people who make it come alive every day.

While we focus on the aesthetic aspects of our recommended properties, we do not stop there.  We thoroughly examine all facilities and services of an accommodation. We consider public spaces, restaurants and cuisine, meeting rooms and ballrooms, security and technology, and recreation and wellness. As experts in sustainable design and construction, we also review environmental programs, policies and certifications for all properties across our web site.

Our selection of accommodations is presented in groups that best exhibit a dominant style of design or other distinct category of accommodation: historic, contemporary, boutique, honeymoons and the forever romantic, and notably sustainable. In many cases multiple categories can apply to a single property.  You can search by style, by location, or view them all at once.

Image source: TWA Hotel