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Sustainable travel and tourism is a rapidly growing industry. So also is the public’s perception and concern for the “footprint” of their own journeys.  As there are many shades of the color “green,” so are there as many programs, initiatives, and certifications across the industries of design and construction, hospitality, and travel. Since the greatest amount of energy is consumed by buildings, it is buildings that require enormous attention when it comes to reduction of carbon emissions and addressing other environmental issues.

We have created a standalone category of accommodation dedicated to sustainable design.and operations. As sustainable design professionals we understand both the challenges and opportunities of “green” building design and we believe credit should be given where credit is due when an accommodation or other venue achieves a certification of sustainability. 

While we track the majority of environmental programs within the hospitality industry, we focus on destinations that have achieved third-party certifications. These are unbiased certifications and are the most difficult to achieve; however, if we realize the extraordinary efforts by an independent hotel to voluntarily reduce its energy consumption or brilliantly address a specific environmental issue without benefit of award, we will highlight these properties as well.

Our first presentation in this category of “Notably Sustainable” accommodations specifically relates to LEED (Leadership  in Energy and Environmental Design) Certified hotels. The LEED certification program, developed by the United States Green Building Council, has primarily been sought for projects in North America. It has proved successful in other countries across the globe, and this trend continues to rise.

The following selection represents some of our favorite LEED Certified hotels. We will be adding to this category regularly.


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