Event Consulting

À la carte professional support...from the venue to the menu

Architectural Holidays is proud to have participated in the launch of the Jaguar S-Type

Though we are a small company and do not generally produce large conferences or  events, we offer a variety of support services and consulting to our clients. We consult to both independent event producers, and to in-house corporate travel and event management teams. Our professional background in architecture and construction allows us to thoroughly evaluate venues and offer design options and solutions to meet specific event goals.

Some of the services, listed below, can be performed individually or as package:

  • Perform venue field evaluation to verify the location meets event program requirements
  • Recommend design concepts and provide design details for theme development
  • Provide construction drawings for site-built sets and backdrops
  • Review venue’s emergency egress and life safety systems
  • Evaluate the venue for compliance with requirements for accessibility to the disabled
  • Provide guidelines and suggestions for sustainable and “green” events
  • Offer on-site support before and during event
  • Suggest and/or procure guest amenities, VIP and corporate gifts


Image source: Jaguar Cars