Itinerary Planning

Custom designed travel precisely to your specifications.

Detailed trip planning for honeymoons, family reunions, and special interest groups

We are experts in planning honeymoons. Our methodology is simple — create customized itineraries that seek, above all, to spoil you regardless of your budget.  We have learned from our clients that they consistently wish that the same attention to detail and planning be given to their honeymoons as with their wedding event. We couldn’t agree more!

Typically we suggest that trip planning services for important events such as a honeymoon commence at least 6–8 months before departure. This affords the best selection of accommodation to choose from and allows time for changes and revisions. We are not tour operators, and we do not sell pre-packaged tours or pre-purchased rooms. We work together with you to create each trip from scratch. You set the budget, the pace and the special objectives of your trip, and we build the itinerary one detail at a time from our initial consultation until you return home.

If the main focus our your trip is to be immersed in the culture of a specific architectural period or geographical region, we can create an itinerary exactly to fit your historical interest. Itineraries can be further oriented to include your professional and personal interests, hobbies, sports and other events. 

Pricing for customized itineraries is quoted individually and varies based on the trip duration, destination, and total budget and level of planning detail required.


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