Location Scouting

If it exists, we will find it.

The Adam Fishing House at Kedleston Hall, UK

Perhaps the most satisfying aspect of what we do is the search process.  We are architectural “matchmakers.” Whatever the reason for the location – whether it be for a film or commercial ad, fashion photo shoot, or a product launch – we love the search.

We do our homework, we don’t look at the clock, and we don’t give up. We operate on the notion that “if it exists, we will find it.” And if it does not exist, or you cannot be where it is located, we can recreate it for you. We will prepare drawings and constructive details so you can bring the essence of that special place to your event or production.

Depending on the purpose of your project, we would conduct an initial search from our offices and from architectural, historical and regional resources. Once a short list is created, our services can be broadened to include field audits, local research, and negotiations with location vendors and suppliers. As with all our services we can arrange travel for production crews, clients, and special guests.


Image source: the National Trust UK