Research & Design

“There cannot be great architects or architecture without great patrons.” - Sir Edwin Lutyens, British Architect

Providing you the details of any design period, and the drawings to recreate them

As design and construction professionals, we can research documentation for any architectural period. If you are looking for examples of a single element of a building such as an Elizabethan fireplace, or an entire room to be used as a film set, we can provide scaled drawings which can be conceptual or suitable for construction. If you are a design professional and want to accurately reproduce an element in your project, we can find an historic precedent for it.

If your interest is to study an architectural building type of a specific period or region, such as Welsh Medieval castles, the bastides of Southern France, or hilltop villages of Tuscany, we can provide you the information you need to pursue your studies.

We can prepare a booklet of information, images and illustrations of the requested design element, building type, etc, and you can use that information in any way you deem appropriate.

As with our other Special Services, our fees are quoted individually based on the nature of the assignment.


Image source: the National Trust UK