A totally original hotel concept that brings art to everyone,  not just the guests

21c Museum Hotel, Louisville

21c Hotels is the creation of Laura Lee Brown and Steve Wilson, who wanted to express their passion ...


Reflecting on the past while boldly and imaginatively embracing the future – this is Glasshouse

The Glasshouse

One of the best ways to honor an historic building, while expanding it for 21st century use, is ...


Once inside the Champagne Lounge, it will be difficult to leave this dramatic space

Threadneedles Hotel

Threadneedles Hotel is a slice of architectural heaven. The 19th century building was originally a Victorian banking hall; ...


The Conservatorium — modern hospitality within the context of a local historic landmark


Once again we delight in learning of a hotel conversion from a formerly unrelated use. The Conservatorium Hotel ...


A famous Swiss brewery is recast as the distinctively hip B2 Boutique  Hotel

B2 Boutique Hotel & Spa

It would seem to us that a hotel born from a brewery would have a “spirited” personality and ...