Crosby Street Hotel - Outside view

New York City and SOHO never had it so gold — the LEED Gold Crosby Street Hotel

Crosby Street Hotel - Lobby at entrance

Part loft, part gallery, and part lobby equate to a modern New York City welcome

Crosby Street Hotel - Sitting room

The 21s century sophistication and distinctive artistic expression of designer Kit Kemp

Crosby Street Hotel - Bar

Happy Hour in the Crosby Bar and Terrace is just that, in this spirited colorful space

Crosby Street Hotel - Suite Living room

Bold modern furnishings, rich contrasting colors, and artful accents define this suite

Crosby Street Hotel - Guest bedroom

Taking a softer approach in this guest room, enhanced by its loft-style windows

  • Crosby Street Hotel - Outside view
  • Crosby Street Hotel - Lobby at entrance
  • Crosby Street Hotel - Sitting room
  • Crosby Street Hotel - Bar
  • Crosby Street Hotel - Suite Living room
  • Crosby Street Hotel - Guest bedroom

Crosby Street Hotel


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A dynamic UK hotel group debuts its first U.S. luxury hotel with the high honor of being awarded New York State’s first LEED Gold Certification.

A great big welcome to Firmdale Hotels whose debut in North America, the Crosby Street Hotel, becomes the first LEED Gold Certified hotel in New York City and in New York State. Located in lower Manhattan’s SOHO district, this new 11-story building fits right in with its historic neighbors. It features brick walls, high ceilings, and plenty of light. The architects, Stonehill & Taylor, masterfully tucked this hot, new hotel into a very small site and gave it a most fitting face for SOHO.

There are 86 guest rooms and suites featuring full-height, steel-framed windows. The common spaces reflect a bold and artistic interplay of furnishings, color palettes, and patterned fabrics. The Crosby Street Hotel interiors, as with all Firmdale Hotels are the creation of Firmdale’s award-winning Kit Kemp.

The museum-like atmosphere of the lobby, with its white floors and walls, complement a range of contemporary artwork. There are three meeting rooms, each as beautiful as the next, and the hotel features a private, 99-seat screening room that has proved quite popular since its opening. A 24-hour gym will also keep you busy in the city that never sleeps.

The Crosby Bar and Terrace offers dining throughout the day in addition to their signature cocktails and traditional afternoon tea.

The Crosby Street Hotel’s achievement in sustainable design is not mere “icing on the cake”. This is a well designed, beautiful hotel, and a perfect fit within the SOHO architectural community. And it is quantifiably very green. The fact that it has earned the LEED Gold Certification, in our opinion, makes it the cake itself.


Images courtesy of Firmdale Hotels

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