MAXXI Museum - Exterior View

Form and function are the best of friends at the MAXXI Museum of 21st Century Art

MAXXI Museum - Exterior closeup

A symphony of experiences awaits you as you enter this future architectural landmark

MAXXI Museum - Lobby and concourse

Visitors are drawn through the concourses and exhibits that are just around the bend

MAXXI Museum - Meeting Room

Sometimes it is just black and white — so perfectly demonstrated in this meeting room

MAXXI Museum - Upper level at stairway

The museum's lobby provides a dramatic setting for a private corporate reception

MAXXI Museum - Ground floor special exhibit

Special exhibit space on the ground floor can be transformed for unlimited event uses

  • MAXXI Museum - Exterior View
  • MAXXI Museum - Exterior closeup
  • MAXXI Museum - Lobby and concourse
  • MAXXI Museum - Meeting Room
  • MAXXI Museum - Upper level at stairway
  • MAXXI Museum - Ground floor special exhibit

MAXXI Museum of 21st Century Art



A bold architectural statement by a world-class architect, the perfect context for a museum of 21st century art, and a standout setting for your meeting.

There’s a new monument to see in Rome. In a city with a long and powerful history, and the extraordinary evidence connecting it to its past, Rome looks forward.

The recently opened Museum of XXI Century Arts, or MAXXI, clearly makes that statement. Designed by the visionary architect Zaha Hadid, and partner Patrik Schumaker, this is Italy’s first museum dedicated solely to 21st century art. And the selection of Zaha Hadid Architects is a perfect match to provide the visual context for the museum’s collection. Hadid’s impact on modern architecture is now legendary. Ms. Hadid has won many awards for her work, including this magnificent museum. 

The MAXXI Museum reminds us design professionals why we took so much math and geometry in college. The museum building is an uniquely woven intersection of irregular shapes, angles and contours, all in three dimensions. The walls, roofs, ceilings, and internal walkways, all offer a different perspective. No two positions or views are alike anywhere in the building, yet all are in a complex relationship to each other. As an empty space it is a sight to behold. The architecture perfectly complements the 21st century art and would provide a memorable experience as the setting for your event.

Though it is common for museums to offer rental space for corporate meetings or receptions, there is certainly nothing common about hosting an event at MAXXI.  Available spaces include the main lobby and its adjoining circulation spines, the auditorium, and  dedicated meeting rooms. These provide unique and varied settings for lectures, meetings, and evening receptions for corporate members.


Images courtesy of MAXXI Museum of 21st Century Art 


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