A totally original experience in 21st century urban hospitality — Hotel Americano

Hotel Americano

There is truly no place on earth like New York City. It is a city with one of ...


The lounge that shows off the best of French interior design at Le Maurice

Le Meurice

In 1771 postmaster Charles-Augustin Meurice launched his career as a hotelier when he opened an inn in Calais, ...


The Hotel Bel-Air's legacy is recaptured as it raises its own bar on design and luxury

Hotel Bel-Air

In 1920 savvy developer Alphonzo Bell purchased 600 acres of prime virgin land in Southern California, north of ...


A very special slice of New York Art Deco glamour, recast as the Chatwal

The Chatwal

It was the late 19th century, and American theater was alive and well in New York City. A ...

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A respectful merging of local  Irish heritage with the boldness of 21st century design

The Ice House

Ireland’s Ice House hotel has a wonderful history. It is the site of a former ice storage facility ...