Punta Tragara - Historic exterior walls

The petal-shaped walls of Punta Tragara, inspired by modernist architect Le Corbusier

Punta Tragara - Entrance lobby

The lobby is both elegant and relaxed, the perfect representation of its Capri location

Punta Tragara - Outdoor Dining

Whenever possible, dine outdoors — overlooking the famous island of Capri

Punta Tragara - Penthouse Suite

Plenty of room to celebrate your wedding or anything else in the Penthouse Suite

Punta Tragara - Penthouse Bathroom

The bathroom of the Penthouse Suite is as interesting as the suite iteself!

Punta Tragara - Private terrace

Private outdoor dining is a feature at Punta Tragara

  • Punta Tragara - Historic exterior walls
  • Punta Tragara - Entrance lobby
  • Punta Tragara - Outdoor Dining
  • Punta Tragara - Penthouse Suite
  • Punta Tragara - Penthouse Bathroom
  • Punta Tragara - Private terrace

Punta Tragara


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Breathtakingly positioned on the cliffs of Capri, this villa still reflects the influence of reknowned modernist architect Le Corbusier.

Growing out from the rocks of Capri is a most unusual private residence that brought the modern movement of architecture to the intimate Southern Italian resort destination. Conceived by one of the “starchitects” of his time, Swiss born Le Corbusier, teamed up with Italian engineer Visamara to make it all possible.

Punta Tragara dates from the 1920s, yet its original architectural features remain. The site of the villa, based on its position and stunning panoramic views, was originally selected by the Emperor Tiberius. As many of the very best residences throughout Europe, Tragara was government occupied during World War II. Tragara is known to have hosted Winston Churchill, and Generals Eisenhower and Clark, in secret wartime meetings.

The villa’s softly projecting curves and lightly colored stucco provide a natural and organic contrast to the jagged edges of the rocks that comprise Capri. By its very siting into the rocks, the resort retains rare privacy for its guests yet is within a short distance of the center of Capri.

There are 43 guest rooms, all having private balconies of the original design.  There are two swimming pools, the exclusive Unica Spa, and one of the best poolside bars-with-a-view. The interiors exhibit a comfortable mix of antiques and modern furnishings, and lightly colored palettes to keep cool in the summer and to maintain a serene atmosphere year round.


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Punta Tragara
Tragara Street, 57
80073 Capri, Italy