Welcome to Architectural Holidays

The inspiration for our logo — the Troia Cathedral, Puglia, Italy


It is with immense enthusiasm that we introduce our new web site, Architectural-Holidays.com.  While we are new to the world wide web we are no strangers to travel and hospitality.  By merging our passion and knowledge of the hospitality industry with our professional expertise in architecture and design, our services focus on finding unusual and highly characteristic accommodations, recommending dramatic venues for meetings and events, locating settings for film, still photography and product launch, and as special service, offering design research consulting.

As “architectural matchmakers” we thrive on the search process regardless of the purpose. Our goal is to precisely meet your visual and aesthetic objectives, and as your travel concierge to provide a la carte complementary services suited to your journey, your event, or project.

What we believe is original about this site is that we are our own press, incorporating news articles written by our staff hospitality design, dining and cuisine, and sustainability. We are travel professionals and provide traditional services such as hotel bookings, car rental, rail, etc,. And we are professionals of architecture and sustainable design. We know what we are looking at and we celebrate those who created it.

We are not a clubhouse with member properties and we have no contractual agreement with any of our recommended sites. They are presented on our web site simply because they are special and we are thrilled to tell you why.  As travel trade we seek to maintain positive relationships with hotel brands, destinations management companies, and the many membership groups that also seek your business.  We encourage you to visit our social media sites, and make suggestions and offer photos from your journeys. 

For additional background, click here or go to about us. If you have any immediate questions about our services or pertaining to an upcoming event, click here or go contact us.